Uttam Industries is manufacturing zinc oxide in two grades by the French Process / Indirect Method.Both these grades are produced at a great accuracy by selecting best raw material with proper testing. The grades are varied by raw material selection.

Types of Products

Grade 1. --- 99.5 % (White Seal)
Description:  Soft white, Odorless, Tasteless , Gritless , Dry Powder.
Insolubility in dilute HCL:  0.04 % (max.)
Solubility in water:  0.05 % (max.)
Residue on 240 mesh sieve :  Appx. Nil
Oil Absorption :  14 - 16 %
Specific Gravity :  5.6 +/- 0.2
Lead :  0.01% (max.)
Iron :  0.005 % (max.)
Copper :  0.0006% (max.)
Manganese :  Nil. (Appx.)

Price :  100

Grade 2. --- 99.85 % (White Seal)
Description:  Soft white, Odorless, Tasteless , Gritless , Dry Powder.
Alcohol 95 % :  Insoluble (Appx.)
Solubility in water:  Insoluble (Appx.)
Loss on Ignition :  0.2 % (max.)
Arsenic :  Nil (Appx.)
Metallic Zinc Particle :  Nil (Appx.)
Lead :  0.002% (max.)
Iron :  0.0005 % (max.)
Copper :  Nil (Appx.)
Aluminum :  Nil. (Appx.)

Price :  100

Raw Materials

Uttam Zinc Oxide is manufactured by various raw materials for various grades. It can be manufactured from Zinc Metal (electro - 99.99%), Zinc - GOB, Zinc - DROSS, Zinc - Metallic Ash. From all these various raw materials different grades of zinc oxide is produced.


Zinc Oxide is as non toxic chemical substance. But avoid inhaling airborne dust of high concentrations. Zinc Oxide is stored in a cool dry place and safely to maintain industrial hygiene conditions. It should be kept away from water or moisture.


The packing is done in HDPE bags of 25 Kgs. and are totally laminated from inside. The zinc oxide is also available in 1 tonne packing for bulk requirements.


The Uttam Industries Zinc products can be used in the following Applications and Industries.

  • All Rubber Industry
  • Rubber Compounding
  • Rubber Tyres and Tubes
  • Chemicals Salts
  • Ceramic Tiles Frit
  • Ceramic Potteries
  • Sanitary ware
  • Paints and Color Industry
  • Vitreous Enamels
  • Glass
  • Animal Feed
  • Floor Coverings
  • Agriculture
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Soaps
  • Linoleum
  • Zinc Pigments

Some Important Uttam Zinc Usages

Zinc Pigments and Zinc Stearates.
Some special application in Paper, Printing Ink.
Industries like Cosmetics, Skin Ointments, Electroplating, Rayon, Pharmaceutical also use zinc oxide manufactured by UTTAM INDUSTRIES

Essential Requirement of UTTAM Zinc Oxide in various Industries

Zinc Oxide is used as an Activator in Vulcanising with organic accelerators and for reinforcement and heat dispersion making Uttam Zinc an essential ingredient of rubber tyres, sheet, moulded rubber components and brake linings. The zinc manufactured by us has high dielectric constant and low water absorption thus making it usable for rubber insulating cable. It is also recommended for use as aqueous dispersions for latex compounding.

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